Top 5 most popular CRM Software 2016

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With the development of technology, more businesses are coming into existence. Every organization want to deliver excellent  service to their client and for this, they use all possible way. Web Based CRM software is  widely in use as these are very efficient and make the work force smooth. Below is the list of top 5 popular CRM software of 2016.

5. Punchh CRM

Punchh CRM - top5ten
Punchh is a program that allows restaurants to be in touch with guests. It’s a different kind of program that puts the customer first. Restaurants can check in with guests to make sure their dining experience was what they expected. It also allow restaurants to gain a perspective on what might need to be improved with the business and what needs to stay the same. Guests can leave comments about the service that was received so that restaurants can easily look over how guests really feel about the business.

Punchh helps brands drive customer engagement through branded mobile apps (loyalty, gift ca

rds, gaming/sweepstakes, surveys, social referrals, reviews ), integrated with 3rd party systems including POS and digital ordering. Punchh’s enterprise-class CRM software households data across multiple systems, providing restaurants with actionable 360° insights and a platform to automate 1:1 communication with guests in real-time across traditional and emerging channels.

4. zoho

Zoho CRM - top5ten

Zoho is a Web-based customer relationship management (CRM). This software is best for very small businesses that require a simple CRM solution, specifically, those with no more than 10 employees. Because it’s a free software,  Its interface includes CRM tools such as sales and marketing automation, customer support and help desk, product configuration and reporting and customer analytics.

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Zoho CRM software can be integrated with several existing software solutions, including Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Sharepoint. It also offers over 25 add-on applications designed for specialized business, collaboration and productivity needs.As a Web-based solution, Zoho does not require any additional hardware purchases.

3. Salesforce

Saleforce CRM - top5ten

The Salesforce cloud is a leader in on-demand customer relationship management. The system offers a broad suite of CRM applications for small, mid-market and enterprise organizations, with a focus on sales and support.

Salesforce offers vertical solutions for the wealth management and financial services segments only, but its partner network (AppExchange) offers a wide variety of other industry-specific solutions. The applications are built on the platform, a modern architecture that provides increased flexibility and scalability for organizations of any size.

The Salesforce app has capabilities that include, sales management , marketing automation, partner relationship management and customer service. These help organizations manage customer accounts, track sales leads, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns and provide service post sale.

Salesforce for Outlook allows users to synchronize contacts, calendars, emails and tasks in both places to reduce double entry.

CRM Salesforce solutions are available only for software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment. provides a complete technology stack that covers database and security as well as workflow and user interface. Because all applications are deployed in the “cloud,” they can be designed, built, tested and deployed without the added expense of purchasing hardware and IT support.

Salesforce for small business allows users to manage an unlimited number of contacts, track sales deals, manage tasks and events, harvest Web leads and track performance with reporting.

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The Salesforce enterprise edition layers in call scripts, team-selling functionality, business workflow, setup approval and automation, custom applications. It is supported by Mac os , Web browser (OS agnostic).

2. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft CRM - top5ten

Infusionsoft is an online sales and marketing solution built exclusively for small businesses.

It features lead generation tools and marketing automation, email and social media tools to engage and convert leads. Customer relationship management (CRM) functionality aids users in attracting leads, streamlining sales and closing deals. Around 120,000 users trust Infusionsoft’s award-winning automation software, backed by 15 years of helping small businesses succeed and a worldwide community of experts dedicated to your success

In addition to the software, Infusionsoft provides personalized, one-on-one coaching services to help users get up and running, group training classes, live events, virtual support, downloadable guides, webinars, or even a user group in your area .Infusionsoft is supported Mac os, Web browser (OS agnostic).

1. Pipedrive

CRM - top5ten

Pipedrive CRM is a highly popular sales management tool designed to help small businesses master the selling process. It works especially well for businesses where the sales cycle is long and many people are involved. It is user interface that visually reflects the natural flow of the sales pipeline. Pipedrive aims to simplicy the process for salespeople to focus on the right deals at the right times, and give managers a clear overview of the company’s performance.

Pipedrive’s mobile app makes it accessible anywhere, and a good fit for small and mid-sized businesses in nearly any industry.  Pipedrive supports integration with Google Apps, as well as a range of marketing, customer service and other software solutions.

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It is Built for salespeople by salespeople, Pipedrive also features simple data migration to and from many other common CRM software making it easy to get started, or to switch to a different system in the future. Pipe drive supported by Mac OS , Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8 operating system.


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