Top 10 Unusual Houses In The World

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While buying a house many factors come into consideration, a house cannot be just bought and then be sold as if it was nothing, so a lot of thought has to be put while buying the perfect house. It is said that your house is a reflection of personality, so it is not a surprise that certain people take their houses to a totally new level of being unique.

Here is the list of top 10 unusual houses of the world

10. Space Ship House, Tennessee

Space Ship House Tennessee -

The picture itself makes it clear that the house was built by a true lover and admirer of space technology and spaceships. This bizarre yet amazing structure is a quite well known one across the one and has also featured in magazines, newspapers and TV shows including HGTV. A 2000 square feet house, this fascinating structure rests on six pillars and offers parking space in between. It has a staircase in the front that gives the feel of a staircase that is suspended from a ship. The house, equipped with three bedrooms and two baths, is located in an absolutely scenic area, just beside the Tennessee river.

9. The Shoe House

The Shoe House -

Have you ever wondered how would it be to live inside a shoe? Well, there exists a shoe house in reality that that was built by the extravagant millionaire Colonel Mahlon M, a renowned show wizard of York. His fascination for shoes was such that he was well known to invite people to his house and allow them to live life king size at his own expenditure. The popular shoe house is 45 feet in length 25 feet in height and 17 feet wide. It houses two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a kitchen and a living room at various levels. It is currently being used as a museum in the memory of its builder.

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8. The Nautilus House, Mexico


If the houses listed so far haven’t captivated your imagination enough, then have a look at this fascinating shell-inspired house. This amazing piece of architecture was designed by a Mexican architect Javier Senosiain for a family of four people who had got weary of living in a conservative house. The inspiration for this house and its concept was derived from the work of Lloyd and Gauti and are a part of the concept of Bio-Architecture. The captivating house has a unique entry that is cut into a wall of colorful blemished glass. Shouldn’t every day be an adventure living in such a unique house?

7. The Mushroom House, Ohio


The list of the most unusual and alluring houses of the world is simply incomplete without a mention of the spectacular Mushroom House in Cincinnati, Ohio. This amazing and fabulous house was designed by a professor of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Ohio, Terry Brown. Also known as Tree House, the spectacular Mushroom House is a lavishly designed and furnished house that is surely a delight to live in. The house was built between the years 1992 to 2006 and was put on sale later. The simple and sober design was purposefully made so by Prof. Terry Brown to symbolise the movement of music and nature surrounding the house. The work of Prof. Terry Brown was appreciated in many exhibitions, books, and publications.

6. Dog Bark Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho


Now this is something that is surely a treat to your eyes and your imagination! Dogs are loved by all for their cuteness and faithfulness but who could have thought of residing inside a dog? The Dog Bark Inn is an alluring beagle-shaped house in Cottonwood, Idaho that was built in the year 2003. The house gets its structure from the imagination of chainstraw artists, Frances Conklin, and Dennis Sullivan. This amazing and bizarre house was purchased by a couple who used to carve dogs out of wood and sell them for a living. If you are fascinated enough, you can reserve a two bedroom suite in this class structure.

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5. The Toilet-Shaped House


The toilet-shaped house is perhaps one of the most unusual houses of the world that took shape from the imagination of Sim Dae-Juck, the later mayor of Suwon, South Korea. Sim was born in a restroom which inspired him to make a toilet-shaped house to celebrate the inaugural meeting of the World Toilet Association in 2007. This association has by far helped and benefitted over 2 billion people in the world who live without toilets. The bizarre and unique house is a 4,520 sq ft structure that flaunts a huge rooftop gallery and a staircase reaching it that arises from “toilet drain”. It has a glass-walled bathroom with opaque windows.

4. VW Beetle House


Now we have a house on our list that is inspired by the Beetle car of Volkswagen. If the thought alone fascinates you, have a look at this exquisite and bizarre house that would surely make you want to spend a day in it. Situated in Austria, the Beetle House was built by Markus Voglreiter. The owner of the house had first purchased it with traditional interiors and design, but it was later completely renovated in the year 2003. Currently, the house is an eco-friendly and energy proficient structure.

3. The Fallingwater, Pennsylvania


Does the picture give you the feel of the structure being an amazing waterfall or a picnic spot? This is actually a house belonging to the Kauffman family. The Falling Water house was designed by an American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the year 1935 and was sold at the price of $155,000. Currently, this beautiful and spectacular house in Pennsylvania is priced at $2,695,716. Any buyers?

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2. The Steel House, Texas


No wonder, people around the world have bizarre fantasies and imagination. So, here is yet another unusual and creative house designed by Robert Bruno, an architect and sculptor by profession. Known as The Steel House, this unusual structure that looks like a large animal such as a pig, is made from about 110 tons of steel. The house required Bruno 23 long years to be constructed which later featured in an episode of Texas Country Reporter with Bob Philips. The house was also featured by Vogue in the year 2013.

1. Palace Of Bubbles

Palace of Bubbles unusual house

The Palace of Bubbles is a dream house for many; a grand and unique structure that was designed by Antti Lovag. This amazing, unusual and alluring building located in France hasn’t even completed 50 years and has already gotten the designation of a historic monument by the France Ministry of Culture. The building is mainly used for hosting grand events and festival parties. As unique and spectacular as the house looks from outside, it is as amazing and fascinating from within. Extending up to 12,916 sq ft area, this fabulous house has over 28 rooms that are round with round beds in them. From the floor to the roof, the rooms are carpeted beautifully and have captivating lighting that modifies with the time of the day.


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