Top 10 Unhealthy Foods – You Should Avoid

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We have listed down Top 10 “Unhealthy Foods” we can’t resist eating. Let’s start our list with number 10, going down to number 1.

10. Soy Products

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Many people mistakenly believe that soy is something healthy people eat. Did you know that 98 percent of soy products come from GMOs? This is a cheap way for many food manufacturers to add fillers that bulk up their food so that it appears you are getting more than you actually are. Soy products today are so heavily processed that there is little to no nutritional value to soy.

9. White Bread

White bread


This should be obvious, but to some apparently it’s not. Whole wheat or flax is okay but the best is whole grain. There’s also a brand called Little Big Bread (something like that) that’s sells bread that’s only about 60 calories per two slices. While the white bread can be about 150 per slice!

8. Processed Cheese

Processed cheese

f you are scratching your head thinking, “Isn’t cheese good for you?” don’t worry; you are not alone in this confusion. Hard cheeses, such as cheddar, are good for you.

It’s the processed types of cheese, such as those that you spray from a can, or imitation products that call themselves “cheese spread” that you should look out for; these are the ones that contain little or no nutritional value. Many of them also use emulsifiers to make them spread easily, such as trisodium phosphate, which is a well-known cleaning and de-greasing agent.

7. Boxed Pancake Mix

Processed Cheese
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You might think that pancakes are a better alternative for breakfast than eggs, but you would be wrong. That boxed pancake mix is loaded with trans-fat. In fact, some of the most popular mixes contain almost 5 grams of trans-fat in each cup of mix! Governmental guidelines say you should consume no more than 2 grams each day.

This means that pancake mix alone has already put you at more than double your daily intake. It only takes one extra minute to mix up your own pancake mix from scratch. Make some up in advance and put it in a sealed container so that it’s ready to go whenever you feel like pancakes. No hassle and no trans-fat!

6. Microwave Popcorn

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This is another one that looks so innocent but actually has so many toxic chemicals. Read the label sometime and you will see chemicals that have names so long, they appear to contain every letter in the alphabet. Do you really want those in your body? On top of that, almost all of these pre-packaged popcorns contain trans-fat. Some of them as much as 5 grams per bag!

5. Fried Foods

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You probably already know that deep frying anything, whether it’s chicken, potatoes, or zucchini, isn’t good for you. Eating deep fried foods increases your bad (LDL) cholesterol levels, which can lead to strokes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, but you would be surprised at the number of people who are willing to overlook these health risks because fried foods taste so darn good.

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Well, if the above items aren’t enough for you, did you know that frying at high temperatures creates a compound called acrylamide, which is a known carcinogen? This is the same compound that is found in cigarette smoke and many plastics. Doesn’t that sound appetizing? Don’t fool yourself. Avoid all fried foods except for stir fry, which uses very small amounts of oil and is cooked for a very short time.

4.  Soft Drinks

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This is a great tasting beverage that looks so harmless! Many people simply can’t resist their daily soda with lunch. In fact, 7-UP used to claim that their soda was made with all-natural ingredients.

As if using high fructose corn syrup was a natural thing! They don’t make this claim any longer, but no one is hiding the fact that sodas, all sodas, even fruit flavoured ones, use tons of this highly processed sweetener that comes from GM corn. Get off the sugar train and ditch even the one lunchtime soda, for your health’s sake.

3. Hydrogenated Fats

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This is one you will find on almost everything that is labeled as “low-fat.” There is nothing healthy or natural about hydrogenated fats, even though many companies will try to fool you by saying this on the label. Hydrogenated fats take a previously natural oil, such as olive oil or sunflower seed oil, and turn it into something more like plastic than food.

2. Commercial Baked Goods

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Although it’s fairly obvious that doughnuts, cookies, cakes, and pies are not healthy fare, this also applies to other baked goods as well including most breads, tortillas, rolls, croissants, and breadsticks. Almost all of these foods use highly processed, super refined flours which have had nearly all the nutrients removed from them.

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1. Commercial Cereal

Commercial Cereal
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This is another product where something that used to be healthy has been so processed and had so many unhealthy things added to it that it doesn’t resemble anything like the nutrient rich food it once was.

Modern cereals are full of sugar, corn syrup, and GM corn and soy. Most cereals are also made by a process called extrusion, which means they have been heated in extremely high temperature ovens to make them crispy. This absolutely destroys any essential amino acids the grains might have contained as well as altering the actual structure of the grain, not only making it valueless nutrition wise, but actually making it dangerous.


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